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We are truly an international team, with teachers from Europe, China, Great Britain, and the Americas (North, South and Central America) – a combination that you will rarely find anywhere, and certainly not in a German school. Most of our staff are at least bilingual. They represent the diversity of cultures in the world which also corresponds to the cultural diversity of our students. Above all, they ensure that diversity and global thinking are acted upon every day. We have an appropriate number of teachers on staff.  All classes are led by two teachers.

Hier sehen Sie alle Mitarbeiter der internationalen Modernen Schule Hamburg


The school is managed and was developed by an experienced and competent team. Together we have built a highly international school. A well-known school in Hamburg, who wants to become one of the best schools in Germany.

Axel Beyer

Axel Beyer studied secondary level pedagogy. He worked as managing director for the German Society for Environmental Education and the German Society “Club of Rome” and was also a member of the German UNESCO Commission. Mr. Beyer is the founder, managing director and headmaster of the non-profit limited liability company “Moderne Schule Hamburg” and board member of the “Förderstiftung Moderne Schulen”.

internationale Schule Hamburg
internationale Schule Hamburg

Sarah-Fay Koesling
Principal Primary School

Sarah-Fay Koesling completed her teaching degree at the University of Hamburg and has been at MSH since February 2014. Since August 2014 she has been the team leader of the primary school and the contact person for colleagues, parents and pupils for all MSH questions. Since January 2020 Sarah-Fay Koesling is the Principal of the Primary School, she teaches 2nd grade and also other classes in various subjects.

Matthias Kießner
Principal Secondary School

Matthias Kießner studied English and Sport in Graz. In Hamburg he qualified as a Computer-science teacher. He has been at MSH since 2016. Since 2017 he has been responsible for the Abitur. Since 2020 he has been the team leader of the Gymnasium. He teaches English, PE and Computer-science and is the class teacher of year 12.

Ines Berndt Kaufmännische Leitung

Ines Berndt
Commercial management

Ines Berndt studied business administration at the University of Hamburg. She worked for several years in one of the largest auditing companies and subsequently managed the finance department and controlling in various international groups in Germany and abroad. During this time, she worked in Spain for two years. As a business graduate and commercial manager, she is responsible for financial and personnel planning as well as reporting at the Modern School Hamburg and has been a member of the school management team since 2021.

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